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Concrete repair at the Royal Naval Base, Plymouth 
2 Years 
AMB Recruitment Group contributed to the preservation of the historic Naval Dockyard Plymouth, providing essential workforce support for the successful repair of a critical concrete structure.  
Number 10 Dock is the biggest dry dock at Devonport and Babcock Marine, the refurbishment created a second facility certified to take the largest nuclear submarines. Stringent modern regulations require that the nuclear facilities must have redundant systems and be able to withstand earthquakes, high tides and high winds. The requirement to withstand a severe earthquake (Considered likely to happen, just once in 10,000 years in Plymouth) is particularly demanding from an engineering perspective. Very robust structures are needed and systems such as cooling water and electrical power need to have multiple backups in the event of failure. 
Between 1999 and 2002 the adjacent number 9 Dock was refurbished to conduct refits and refuelling of the Vanguard-class submarines. The original dock floor was removed and a new floor with an integral drainage system was constructed and fitted with a cradle to secure the submarine. The old dock was considerably narrowed by lining with counterfort walls constructed on top of the new dock floor. A new dockside edge structure (cope) with service subways to carry piping and cables was constructed on top of the counterforts. The cope was secured by more than seventy, 760-millimetre diameter steel piles anchored in 12-metre sockets anchored in the rock. The dock entrance is sealed by very large multi-cellular caissons and seismically-qualified dockside cranes have been installed. 
"AMB seamlessly deployed a team of up to 40 skilled operatives including concrete repairers, shuttering joiners, and general labourers for a 2-year project at the Naval Dockyard Plymouth. Our team's expertise ensured the project's completion on time, within budget, and in full compliance with the base's strict security protocols" 

Scope of Work 

Skilled Workforce Provision was sourced and mobilised, up to 40 specialised operatives, including: 
- Concrete Repairers 
- Shuttering Joiners 
- Skilled Labourers 
AMB project managed their team on-site to ensure the project timeline and quality were achieved. 
Experts in demanding environments were key to this project. This was demonstrated by AMB's ability to work within the unique security and logistical requirements of a sensitive naval base. 
Project Outcome 
AMB's team played a key role in the timely and high-quality repair of the concrete structure, ensuring the continued operational readiness of the Naval Dockyard. 

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