Having been in construction recruitment for a while now, it is an industry where things change quickly. The team at AMB understands this cycle well because we work with our candidates daily and speak to clients about the processes they are facing, which gives us a great overview of the current construction recruitment trends. 

January 2022 started on a high note in the office mainly thanks to the hardworking professionals within the construction industry. In a time where many industries are feeling pressures due to external environmental factors. The construction industry throughout 2019 – 2021 has adapted quickly, without sacrificing quality and safety and finding solutions to the pressures of Brexit, Covid-19 and market changes. 
Although the construction industry has worked to find solutions throughout the past two years it has also thrown up many challenges for the future, which has led to a various current market demands across construction sites within the UK. 
Shortage of Labour 
There has been so much talk in the media regarding the labour shortages in the UK. This has been because of a direct impact of Brexit, an aging construction workforce and the struggle the construction industry is having to attract young people. Most high-school graduates are choosing to go to college for a  
four-year degree then learn a trade. These shortages are not going to disappear anytime soon as long-term strategies are required around: 
Incentivising and attracting the younger generation to begin careers in the construction industry 
Better training and opportunities 
Embracing further diversity and being more inclusive 
Continually developing technology and how it can be practically used on sites. 
The shortage is causing a two-fold effect on candidates and clients. For those looking to get hired, the increased wages could be seen as great news but it might eventually lead to decreased job opportunities and push construction firms to use more AI technology in the long run. 
For clients the costs for projects have been on an increasing trend. This could hinder project start dates, projects being able to get off the ground and clients being unable to complete projects on time and meet deadlines. The long-term impact on the construction industry with fewer starts, stops and delays over times will equal less construction projects. 
Covid has affected every industry and for construction it is no different. construction sites are more conscious of future variants and the impacts of covid that they are more likely to employ temporary workers so that they keep costs down in this tough economic climate where every cost matters. 
Costs on the rise 
The construction industry is currently experiencing an increase in costs due to planned projects now having higher wages, material availability and general running expenses. The rise is having an impact on building work which has in turn meant that projects need to be planned a lot more in advance, so they aren’t caught out. 
The construction industry melting pot has many challenges for 2022, which at AMB we view as a positive challenge. 
Learnings from the pandemic 
We have seen our clients asking for more advise and support as we plan to help overcome labour and project issues. We partner with our clients to give them our guidance as we deal with construction recruitment every day. 
A reactive recruitment process that responds to incoming requirements will never attract the ideal calibre of candidate, as it is always delivering against the clock. Workforce planning, succession planning, and anticipating future recruitment needs is time-consuming and difficult without an overarching understanding of the different user groups and external market trends. By partnering with AMB you will have a dedicated external arm devoted to filling all your recruitment requirements, plug your skills gaps and continually build your talent pipeline. 
We understand that it is always a challenge for candidates to find the right fit especially with the current demand as there can be a wide range of options available. Our clients understand that there may be many reasons why a person may have a change of heart. We work closely with our candidates and believe that honesty is always the best way. We create an open communication process, so our team are always available to listen to concerns and worries that may arise in the recruitment and placement process. 
AMB are passionate about the construction industry and looking at ways to future proof the recruitment process. If you would like to speak to the team, please contact us on 01928 240 408 or email us on info@ambtechnical.co.uk 
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