Recruiting After the Pandemic 

Recruiting after the pandemic for many firms in the construction sector has been a necessity. The construction industry remains at the heart of the UK’s post-covid economic recovery with April seeing another strong increase in UK Construction output. It has never been more important to get the right candidates on projects in order to continue to keep up with demand. 
However, in the current climate recruiting in particularly can be daunting. At AMB we have seen our clients face a number of challenges and questions when it comes to recruitment. 
Will they face another wave? 
Will we go into lockdown again? 
How will regional lockdowns effect our business? 
How has Brexit and Covid-19 affected the UK candidate market? 
Has expectations of candidates changed since Covid-19? 
These are just a few questions that client’s are asking as as we enter the new normal. 
There are countless benefits that a good recruitment process outsourcing provider can bring, particularly as we prepare to enter a relatively unknown reality with uncertain outcomes. 
Here are benefits of using a recruitment specialists after the pandemic: 
1. Flexible Recruitment Solutions 
Flexible recruitment is an excellent option for construction companies emerging from the pandemic. Even before COVID-19, our industry has always needed to scale up and down hiring efforts to meet project demand or targets.  
A flexible recruitment solution can help you quickly respond to spikes in hiring or pull back if finances become tight, as well as focus your efforts on other parts of the recruitment process as and when it’s needed.  
One minute you may need a team to complete highly detailed and intricate finishes package, and the next you need a site team on a major muck shift on a brown field start up. No two jobs are the same, and that’s where flexible recruitment solutions can come to your aid. 
By using a construction recruitment specialist this will allow your company to do this easily, flipping the switch on actions whenever you require. 
2. Access to Expert Knowledge 
As a team, we work on recruiting for the construction industry every day across the whole of the UK. We understand the construction recruitment market and what is happening in real-time.While in-house recruitment teams may be experts in their field our team are able to support in-house teams with inside and expert knowledge, sourcing the right candidates, advising on market trends, project awards and helping HR team be move confident, quick and efficient in bring the right candidates onboard. 
Working within our ten sectors of construction our team continuously understand the marketplace and how these sectors are being affected by micro and macro enviroments. This knowledge is vital in these times of uncertainty and are able to help businesses make decisions on recruiting with insight and in-depth knowledge. 
3. Less Risk than in-house Recruitment 
We have all seen over the last year having all resources internally can mean huge costs to the business, more administration work and lots of internal resource time to manage. At this current time having a recruitment specialist team on-board can look to reduce fixed cost. 
This could be a financial lifeline as businesses are only paying for the resource they need as and when they need it rather than paying long-term salaries. 
4. Better Quality of Candidates Quicker… 
As a construction outsourcing recruitment provider AMB Technical’s goal is to ensure that our client’s business gets the best candidates on the market. Our team are building relationships with candidates across the country every day. Our pool of candidates have been interviewed, referenced and had all qualifications verified. Therefore we are able to save our client’s time and money straightaway and allow them to focus on building and completing their projects. So they can in turn can take more projects on and grow their business. 
5. An Extension Arm for your Business 
Working with external recruitment company often creates worries that your business won’t be understood; that talent may not be the right fit. Plus, will top candidates trust an external recruiter? AMB Technical work as an extension to your business. We take the time to get to know the ins and outs of your brand from your mission to behaviours, we get to know key players and absorb your company culture. We are here to find our client’s the best possible candidate so that our clients businesses’ can succeed. 
6. Adapting Recruitment Strategies to the New Normal 
Working with an experienced construction recruitment provider will help your business, and your recruitment process adapt to the new normal with ease. It could be that your candidate experience needs improvements to meet candidate demand, or your employer brand needs to be refined to resonate with changing attitudes and remain relevant in a changing recruitment landscape. 
The way that businesses hire has changed, with a significant focus on online and digital methods of recruiting and interviewing as well as building your employer brand and becoming an employer of choice. We can help you to adapt, using their knowledge and expertise to ensure you remain an employer of choice for candidates in your sector. We can align internal processes to assist preparing for localised lockdowns or another wave. 
7. A Different Point of View 
Being in lockdown has meant that everyone has focused more internally and within their own remit. As a construction recruitment specialist we have continued to be part of the overall construction market so have continued to understand all our sectors and how things have been developing in each sector. 
As we have come out of lockdown we have been able to be ‘a different point of view’ for our clients offering advise and knowledge. We have found that as we aren’t too close to the business we can offer perspective in a different light. 
No doubt over the lockdown the recruitment industry has changed and is still changing, the world of construction has seen growth and a great bounce back at present but we are all unsure on where the next twist is going to be. Outsourcing may be sometimes perceived as an expensive recruitment solution which is only appropriate for large-scale corporations. However, outsourcing recruitment can be suitable for all business sizes whether you’re a startup looking to scale or a large business looking to hire candiates that will help them survive in a post-COVID world. 
As we navigate into the new normal, having a team like AMB who focus solely on the construction industry as external guidance for your recruitment efforts could provide some comfort and peace of mind in times of uncertainty. Whether you need to hire on a mass scale, meet an influx of demand, or you’re rethinking your entire recruitment strategy so that it’s more suitable for a changing world; our team of experts can help. 
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