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18 Month Project 
Vantage Data Centre Newport is one of the largest data centres in Europe, and it is home to a number of major companies, including Microsoft, IBM, and Wipro. 
The data centre is designed to be highly reliable and secure, and it is built to meet the UK government's highest standards. It is also one of the most efficient data centres in the UK, with a low PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating. 
The project is for a single massive building described as "Data Centre 3" with data centre space on the first floor, with plant rooms and support rooms on the ground floor beneath. There will also be a 4m fence with a security post at the entrance. 
There will be 1,500 sq m of office space. The remaining 24,000 sq m is for the data centre. The ten data halls will be arranged in two rows of five, on either side of the corridor. Each hall will be served by six 1.6MW diesel backup generators, one of which is a redundant spare with the other five allocated to the usable load. 
This gives a total power capacity of 80MW, working out at 300W per sq ft of data centre space. 
"AMB successfully mobilised and managed a team of up to 30 qualified electricians  
and electrical mates over 18 months to support a major electrical project at the  
Vantage Data Centre, serving a prestigious client in the technology sector." 

Scope of Work 

Sourced and mobilised up to 30 qualified electricians and electrical mates for the 18-month project duration. 
AMB Managed on-site personnel to ensure project timeline and quality adherence. 
Expertise in Data Centres demonstrated AMB Recruitment Group’s ability to understand and meet the unique demands of complex data centre electrical installations. 
Ensured on-time delivery and adherence to the highest quality standards throughout the project's lifecycle. 
Project Outcome 
The successful completion of AMB's team facilitated the timely and high-quality completion of the electrical works at the Vantage Data Centre. 

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